Prof. Taelstrum

Professor Taelstrum at the GCSE 2014

Professor Taelstrum at the GCSE 2014

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In a world drenched in blood, steam, and gears, Professor Taelstrum is a world-reknown vagabond, ragamuffin, and truth-teller. His Bandoleer of Legends contains his favorite stories and if you ask nicely, he might tell you a tale or two. He has sipped and supped with Queens, Princes, and the occasional King from across the Globe. He has been an anonymous face in the low places, celebrated in the higher places, and kicked out of better places than those, thank you very much.

The stories in his Bandoleer of Legends are guaranteed to amaze and delight. If you need to hear a tale from the far reaches of the globe, the good Professor will the man to lead you through the twists and turns of the tale.