Did you Hear That? (2014)

v1_CD Front CoverJD Hickey’s latest CD “Did you Hear That?” features some of the Bard’s creepiest stories! Get ready to turn out the lights, listen to these tales, then turn all the lights back on and quiver in your bed, praying that the sun will return to banish the darkness!

The stories include:

  • The Hall of Wonders
  • Fionn MacCool and the Old Man (video)
  • Thomas & La Chasse Galerie
  • The Boy Who Drew Cats
  • The Dead Don’t Pay
  • The Man with No Story
  • Lex & the Devil
  • Ti-Fleur & the Magic Fiddler
  • BONUS: The Ghost with One Black Eye
  • BONUS: Skeleton Woman

Download your copy today on Bandcamp!

The Bard’s New Hat (2010)

The Bard just got a new leather hat, and he loves it! So to celebrate his stylin’ new skullcap, he’s put together a collection of his favorite stories.

These are stories that were recorded live at shows performed in Montreal, including schools, holiday events, and private concerts.

1.Truth and Story (preview)
2.Brahma and the Brahman (preview)
3.Love and Madness
4.The Month Men
5.The Dark Princess
6.Jack Cures the Doctor
7.Indra and the Blind Shaman
8.The Blue Hippopotamus

The CD is now available to be purchased directly from Dave. Digital download temporarily disabled.

You Don’t Know Jack (2005)

Currently out-of-print. Digital download temporarily disabled.

You probably know Jack as a mountaineer of beanstalks, but have you heard about his roles as story spinner, world-renowned hunter, or thief? There’s more to wily Jack than you ever thought possible, but now you have the chance to hear and read the REAL story behind Jack! Honest!

1. Introduction (Dave/Dylan)
2. Jack the Hunter (Dylan)
3. Jack’s Tall Tale (Dave)
4. Jack & the Silver Sword (Dylan)
5. Jack Cures the Doctor (Dave)
6. The Haunted House (Dylan)
7. World’s Greatest Thief (Dave)
8. Farewell (Dave/Dylan)

Unlike many other storyteller CDs, You Don’t Know Jack also comes with a book, complete with illustrations. The stories are written to be read and told to be heard; the written version is not a word-for-word transcription of the CD, which means you can appreciate both on their own merits!

So if you get the book/CD, it’s like getting a two-for-one deal! This is tiny tome of classic tales that appeals to all your senses (if you’re adventurous enough!).

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