Storyteller Personas

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ScaredGirl_v2Over the years, I have developed a few personas that allow me to bring the gift of story to the Steampunk and Pirate communities.

  • Professor Taelstrum (Facebook): The Professor has graced the highways and bi-ways of the Steampunk world, bringing his tales of wonder and adventure to life. Ever dogged by the Council who seek to curb his enthusiasm, the Professor refuses to submit to their will! The stories must be told! Currently, he is exploring the more haunted areas of Montreal, leading thrill seekers to discover the paranormal sites, testing their courage.
  • Victor Maelstrum (Facebook): Victor is the Bard of the Eighth Sea! They might tell you there are only 7 seas, but they would be wrong. The Eighth Sea is where the stories come from, and once Victor discovered it, he gathered up as many stories as he could so that he can share them with the scallywags of the world.
  • JD Hickey (Facebook): this is my main storytelling Facebook site.

Haunted Tours, 2019

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I will be updating this page with my Haunted Montreal ( tour dates as I receive them.

If you want to book me for one of these tours, contact Haunted Montreal and ask for The Professor. Once I get the minimum number of people registered (10+) and we find the right date, I can give you the tour!

Also, if you want to reach me directly, we can pick the right date and make arrangements with Haunted Montreal.

ScaredGirl_v2May 2019

May 11th – Haunted Mountain at 8:30pm

June 2019

May 27th Haunted Griffintown at 6:30pm

July 2019

July 26th – Haunted Griffintown at 8:30pm
July 27th – Haunted Mountain at 8:30pm
July 28th – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm

October 2019

October 8th – Haunted Griffintown at 8:30pm
October 9th – Haunted Mountain at 8:30pm
October 22nd – Haunted Griffintown at 8:30pm
October 23rd – Haunted Mountain at 8:30pm
October 31st – Haunted Griffintown at 8:30pm

November 2019

November 2nd – Haunted Mountain at 8:30pm

December 2019

December 29th – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm