MadSlam 2013

I just got home after taking part in the first ever Madpoetix Slam and it was SICK! So much raw talent under one roof was unbelievable to witness, much less even take part in.

I made it through two rounds: 1st round got me a score of 29.5 / 30 points, and the 2nd round got me a score of 29.4 / 30 points. Simple math will tell you that I scored 58.9 points / 60, but unbelievable math will tell you that I placed 4th overall. That’s how CRAZY it was that night.

I’m humbled and amazed that my storytelling pieces, which had to be less that 3 minutes each, were so well received when surrounded by such talent poets and spoken word artists. I am humbled beyond belief.

I hope a good chunk of folks come out to the Story Slam tomorrow night. It’s going to rawk!

May-June Madness is about to begin!

May and June of 2012 is going to be frightfully busy for me in terms of shows and new projects! I think at the end of the marathon, when somebody asks me for a story, I might hand them a book instead.



Sorry to be so cryptic about that last one, but I’m going to my first rehearsal tomorrow, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen. All I can say right now is that it’s a new type of storytelling project for me and I’ll be on a stage that I have always dreamed of performing on (one of many places). More on that later.