Storytime with Sophie and Jack

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Back in 2009, I was telling stories at an elementary school in Montreal and I told a story that I originally heard from Priscilla Howe called The Ghost with One Black Eye. It has remained one of my more beloved stories to tell to 3 to 6 year old children.

I was visiting a friend recently and over breakfast, her son Jack and his friend Sophie asked me to tell them a story. I told them this ghost story, and to my great surprise, Jack’s mum Deirdre later showed me a video of these two kids retelling the story.

With their parent’s permission (thank you Agnes, Deirdre, and Jean), I can now share their telling of this story. Enjoy!

Walking the Moonlit Road

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Oooh… One of my performances is being featured on The Moonlit (The Ghost with One Black Eye),  which is immediately followed by one of my favorite stories to tell during this season, The White Dress  (not told by me).

The Moonlit is a fantastic place to get great creepy stories. I’ve picked up quite a few from this site, including my all-time favorite tale The Hall of Wonders (by the late, great Thomas Fuller).