Canada’s Got Talent 2011

So Shayne and I made it through the long lines, the paperwork, and finally the producer at Canada’s Got Talent. It was an amazing event and extremely well-organized. Our audition was at 1pm, so we showed around 11am and we performed for the CGT producer by 3pm. I don’t know how many people were at the audition exactly, but I would say over 1000 would be a safe bet.

The producer was warm, genuine, and friendly. He took five acts into a room, took the time to explain how this was going to work, and the auditions started from there. There were five singers (including the Ottawa Choirboys) and us in that room. We got up, introduced ourselves, the producer asked us a couple of questions, and then we told a very compressed version of Love and Madness (2 minutes!). Then Shayne and I sat down and watched the five other singers do their stuff. Some were amazing, others were only so-so. No one was awful.

As we were leaving, I went over to shake the producer’s hand and to thank him for his time. He said he was impressed with how unique our act was and that he really enjoyed the performance. Now it’s the waiting game because we won’t find out if we passed the audition before December 15th. However, I have a very good feeling about it.

Shayne, Jenn, and I went to the Bejing for a late lunch and had our picture taken to commemorate the event.