Halloween 2022

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It’s been a busy few days this Halloween, of which I am grateful, especially after two years of no events due to the pandemic. In fact, the spring and summer were quite busy with storytelling gigs, which is a trend I hope will continue.

To celebrate spooky season, this is an old, previously unreleased track from 2017. I was performing with the vivacious Natasha Clery in Ottawa at the Origin Studio. The haunting drum effect was provided by the endlessly modest Jason Sonier.

I hope you enjoy this rendition of Skeleton Woman.

Rising from the Deep Sleep

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Bloomsday Festival, MontrealIt looks like everyone is accepting this idea that we’re coming out of the pandemic enough to have festivals and conferences again. I’m pleased to see that people are still motivated to hire their favorite storyteller! It’s only February  and my roster is filling up quite quickly!

Here’s a list of my current Spring/Summer projects/events:

  • March 3-6, 2022 — Wild Wild West Con, Tucson Arizona (Prof. Taelstrum)
  • March 16th, 2022 — MWCN St. Patrick’s Day Concert (myself)
  • May 13, 2022 — Hudson Valley Pirate Festival, NY State (Victor Maelstrum)
  • June 11, 2022 — Fort Town Steampunk, Ontario (Prof. Taelstrum)
  • June 26, 2022 — Tall Ships, Brockville Ontario (Victor Maelstrum)
  • August 5-6 2022 — Coldwater Steampunk Festival, Ontario (Prof. Taelstrum)


By the Devil’s Grace

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Back in February, I was hired by English Community Organization of Lanaudiere to record some stories in Grace Anglican church in Mascouche (Qc), which is about 45 minutes North East of Montreal.

We then got to work with a local band (Fiddlehead Soup) who recorded music for two of the stories.

The video for this story session was released this past weekend, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it.

First TikTok story

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I just told my first story on Tiktok (@hobbeshickey), which is quite the challenge because TikTok videos are only 60 seconds long max. I managed to get Love and Madness down to 60 seconds and it still works, but the real deal is much better.

So for you brave TikTokers who decided to visit me here, here’s the full version. If you like what you hear, consider supporting this artist by buying my latest album on Bandcamp. Check out the Store for more information.

Love and Madness (04:18)


“Did You Hear That?” now on Bandcamp!

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v1_CD Front CoverIn 2014, I released my collection of creepy stories called “Did You Hear That?”. Previously, CDBaby carried the CD, but when they made structural changes to that site, my album got dropped. Meh.

So instead, I have placed a digital copy of the CD on Bandcamp where you can purchase the individual tracks ($2) or the whole CD for $10.

This holiday season, give the gift of story to your friends and family with the COVID-friendly, freshly sanitized for your protection, digital copy of the CD!


Story: The Butcher of Rawdon

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For the past few months, I’ve been working with English Community Organization of Lanaudière, which is a local community organization in the Rawdon/Mascouche area  to develop the True Crime story about Thomas Nulty: the Butcher of Rawdon.

I researched, wrote, and performed this True Crime story, which was directed and recorded by Mathieu Desbiens. We shot the telling of this story at the courthouse in Joliette (Qc) where Nulty was tried and hanged, and in a cemetery in Rawdon where some of the Nulty family are buried.

And so we present you the tragic story of Thomas Nulty, the Butcher of Rawdon.

New Decade, New Story for Peace

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This morning, during my walk to work, I recorded a new story and threw it together on my lunch hour.
In this time of great conflict, we need to remember that working towards peace is a choice each of us must make. If you like this story, please share it widely.

Haunted Pub Crawl 2020

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I will be updating this page with my Haunted Montreal (http://hauntedmontreal.com/) tour dates as I receive them.

If you want to book me for one of these tours, contact Haunted Montreal and ask for The Professor. Once I get the minimum number of people registered (10+) and we find the right date, I can give you the tour!

Also, if you want to reach me directly, we can pick the right date and make arrangements with Haunted Montreal.

January 2020

5th – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm
19th – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm

February 2020

2nd – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm
16th – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm

March 2020

1st – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm
29th – Haunted Pub Crawl at 3pm


A story of mourning and healing

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One year ago today, I lost a friend, a brother, a fellow Stag King. When I mourned my friend, I struggled to find a story that described this process, and then I found this one.

I recorded it this morning. I’m still a bit congested, so I apologize for the odd sound of my voice.

As I remember my friend today, remember that you are not alone.

Storyteller Personas

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ScaredGirl_v2Over the years, I have developed a few personas that allow me to bring the gift of story to the Steampunk and Pirate communities.

  • Professor Taelstrum (Facebook): The Professor has graced the highways and bi-ways of the Steampunk world, bringing his tales of wonder and adventure to life. Ever dogged by the Council who seek to curb his enthusiasm, the Professor refuses to submit to their will! The stories must be told! Currently, he is exploring the more haunted areas of Montreal, leading thrill seekers to discover the paranormal sites, testing their courage.
  • Victor Maelstrum (Facebook): Victor is the Bard of the Eighth Sea! They might tell you there are only 7 seas, but they would be wrong. The Eighth Sea is where the stories come from, and once Victor discovered it, he gathered up as many stories as he could so that he can share them with the scallywags of the world.
  • JD Hickey (Facebook): this is my main storytelling Facebook site.